Artist Statement

My paintings are small in scale so that the viewer can interact intimately with the image. I typically transfer my sketches to masonite panels prepared with gesso, develop the first layer of paint with acrylics and complete the painting with oil paint to create a lustrous patina and richly saturated color. Collages often include pieces of printed fabric and painted paper.
My work is meditative and devotional in nature. I reference visual traditions that use symbolic systems of stylization to describe an internal reality. Byzantine icons, for example, use an inverted perspective to portray space as if seen from the viewpoint of eternity. Cubist fragmentation of space is used to describe multiple perspectives as a metaphor of the transformation and growth initiated by the Spirit. American and European folk art, Persian manuscripts and textile patterns, African art, Early Christian art, Russian Suprematist paintings, and the Fauvist color palette are all sources of inspiration.
These paintings were created as visual meditations to complement my reading of Scripture narratives. The stories are represented as multi-layered metaphors of God’s sojourn with us. My aim is to develop imagery that has the simplicity and clarity of a child-like vision, required, we're told, if we are to see the kingdom of God.